Upcoming Guest Artists and Holiday Hours

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We’ve got lots of cool happenings going on here Shades of Grey: Tattoos, Toys, Comics, Art Gallery! Here’s some of the need-to-know dates for all y’all!

December 3-6: Guest artist Bryan Turnbull from Government Street in Victoria!
Dec 22-Jan 1: Closed for the holidays!
Jan 2: Back to business and Teddy Kardos joins us full time here at Shades of Grey!
Jan 7-12: Clark MacCleod from Heroes and Villains in Calgary!

Limited appointment spaces available with Bryan and Clark. Message Bryan at turnbull1138@gmail.com to book.
Message Clark at clarkmacleodtattoos@hotmail.com
Teddy is looking to start off strong so contact him here on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/teddykds?fref=ts