Zombies in Vietnam: The Art of Nat Jones’ ’68 Closing Night

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Zombies in Vietnam: The Art of Nat Jones’ ’68!
Monday, December 12th
Also featuring additional artwork and sculptures by Travis Shewchuk.

Join us at Shades of Grey for an incredible art show featuring the original comic artwork from Nat Jones’ Vietnam zombie epic ’68, published by Image Comics. In addition to Nat’s ’68 art, the exhibit also showcases the sculpture work of local artist Travis Shewchuk who has collaborated with Nat on several ’68 themed projects, worked on many film and television series and bands such as Powerman 5000.

About ’68:
Zombies in Vietnam…what a concept! No –brainer, right?

In 1968, George Romero, John Russo and Co. created their seminal horror masterpiece, “Night of the
Living Dead”. The film pushed every boundary of the times. Armed with its thinly veiled social commentary, horrific concept and an army of flesh eating ghouls, the little film tore its way onto theatre and drive‐in screens across America, giving birth to a new (and seemingly) eternal sub‐genre. The insatiable cannibalistic dead were here to stay.

In 2004, comic writer and artist Mark Kidwell, fresh off of a three‐issue mini‐series based on the classic
zombie film and already steeped in horror fanaticism, kept asking himself a question. “If the hungry dead
first rose in Pennsylvania in 1968, what was happening in the rest of the world?”

Lots of things. But the one thing…the biggest thing…the thing the world was reeling from and still dissects
in minute detail to this very day…was Vietnam

In just 3 issues, ’68 has been garnered a major fan following and has attracted the attention of both comic and horror aficionados around the world and has received widespread critical acclaim from across the
industry including USA Today, Fangoria and Rue Morgue, and numerous other publications. We’re pleased to showcase this art at Shades of Grey and while none of the originals will be for sale, a number of
exclusive prints will be available and Nat will be at the closing night show to sign prints and comics.

For more information on ’68, visit their official site at http://www.68zombie.com/